Alan is accepting new website design orders! Call or Email today!

The best way to start and order a new website, or redesign, is to call or send and email to Alan Smith. The client and Alan will discuss the new website design or re-design. We make arrangements to meet in person or by phone and email. Main points in meeting will be purpose of website, size, content (text and image), price and time lines. Art direction, design direction and technical direction are provided by Alan. The new website design will include: outlining/diagramming, content management, pricing, payment, scheduling, domain name support, hosting support, design and delivery of the website design.

Alan will write a website design proposal and general working agreement. This will include an overview of the new website design, general time line, estimated price, deposit and payment plan. The proposal and general working agreement provide for the successful design of the new website.

A 50% deposit is required to start and balance payment arrangements before completion. This allows Alan Smith to add extraordinary value to a successful website design. Site maintenance including updates, changes and redesign are additional.

Phone Alan Smith on cell phone 408 234-4817. Send an email to Be persistent.