Alan Smith designs successful websites for business companies, consultants and startups. Design work includes: graphics, marketing materials, logos and etc.


Alan Smith designs professional looking websites for: new business, companies, consultants and startups. The new website is designed to the company’s desires and business objectives. Plus, Alan designs logos, images and marketing materials. Get started today by planning, organizing and scheduling with Alan Smith. Call Alan at 650 967-6825. Email Alan!

Responsive Website Design for mobile devices (cell phones)!      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!      Analytics!

Social Media and Web Marketing!      Website Design for Business and Companies!      Website Design for Startups and Consultants!

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Website Design!

 Alan Smith is the Creative Director and provides Art Direction, Design Direction and Technical Direction. Alan uses the efficient Alan Smith Way of designing a website from beginning to finished upload working website. The fast and efficient Alan Smith Way includes listening and talking with the client. The client generally provides wants, desires, objectives, word content (or ideas),image content desires or approval). Advanced technical features (plugins) may be requested and are available.

Website Design or Redesign: Alan Smith websites include all page, navigation, images,copy editing and etc. The website design generally includes a content management system (CMS), essential search engine optimization (SEO) and social media links. You custom select desired features and interactivity. These features might include: sliders (slide show), forms, PDF downloads, e commerce, woo commerce, shopping carts, payments, a blog and more. Include website site maintenance, changes, additions and updates.

Graphic Design!

Alan Smith designs: web images, logos (logo work), marketing materials, business cards, brochures, banners, posters, signage, trade show graphics and much more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web analytics and social media connections are offered as creative services and web design.

Websites designed by Alan Smith include: Software Companies, Technology Companies, Construction Management Companies, General Contractors, Restaurants, Brew Houses, Breweries, Food Service Companies, Publishing Companies, Consultants, woo commerce (e commerce) and the list goes on. Alan works seamlessly with the Founder, CEO, VP or others to design and deliver the greatest in website design, logo work and marketing materials.

Start and Order a Website Design!

Alan Smith uses an easy to use process for the website design ncluding outline/diagram, pricing, scheduling and delivery of the website design or graphics. Alan will provide an estimate price (not fixed price) and Proposal and General Working Agreement. A 50% deposit is required to start with balance payable before completion. This payment plan allows for extra value to be added to the design and design elements. Talk to Alan Smith at 650 930-6825, about payment plans and scheduling expectations.

Start and Order a New Website Design or Redesign: Call or send and email to Alan. The client and Alan will meet in person or by phone and email about the new web design. Alan will write a website design proposal and general working agreement. This will include an overview of the new website design, site diagram, general time line, estimated price, deposit and payment plan. Next the client company assembles all available content, or ideas and desires. Alan Smith will manage these content assets and using the site diagram will design the site from home page to the finished site.

Alan Smith charges a 50% deposit to start design and balance payment before completion. This allows Alan to add extraordinary value to a successful website design.  Learn more about starting and ordering a website design . . .

Call Alan Smith at 650 930-6825. Email Alan at